SÄPO, you make the bed you lie in! What's that got to do with Uzbekistan?

As the Swedish proverb says “Som man bäddar får man ligga” that is, “You make the bed you lie in”, the Swedish Security Service, SÄPO is collecting the fruits of a one-sided policy of his government.
In April 30, Sweden's Security Service, SÄPO said the three were arrested for terror-related activities in several locations in greater Stockholm, in Akalla. SÄPO said they had been on the Servise's radar for a while. Immediately it was declared that arrested were Uzbeks and one of them was in contact with Rakhmat Akilov, guilty of Stockholm attack last year.
The world media by referring to Swedish news agencies started the old song: Uzbek Terror again threats the world… But, fortunately (unfortunately to anti-Uzbek propaganda forces) The Swedish Security made one mistake: it was announced that one of arrested had problems with law in his country, in Uzbekistan!
Here we come to the main point: Uzbekistan, country of peace and stability, for many years demands the extradition of his citizens from Sweden committed crimes (sometimes very serious) in Uzbekistan and for the undeclared reasons have been granted asylum by Stockholm.
Today it is a fact that there are about 5000 people from Uzbekistan got asylum in Sweden, but official Stockholm’s figures differs from this dozens times less. The biggest part of such people got shelter in Sweden just because Sweden government wants to use them as the part of propaganda against Uzbekistan.
“Victims of Uzbek regime” like Rakhmat Akilov & Co. have been always welcomed in Sweden. in February 2017 Uzbek Foreign minister Kamilov said that Uzbekistan's authorities had put Akilov on the international wanted list for people suspected of religious extremism for a long ago before Stockholm attack and there are dozens of such even now who freely live in Sweden. But neither last year, nor today Karl Melin, press officer at SÄPO does not want to comment this…
Consequences of actions are always in proportion to intentions. Here appears a question: Why Sweden protects wanted people even though there is confirmed information that they have problems with law in their country?
 If there is no answer to this question, in that case the world should say, “you made your bed, now sleep in it, what's that got to do with Uzbekistan?”
Dilmurod Jumaboyev

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