Stockholm attack suspected tried to join ISIS in 2015 and was arrested by Turkey's military forces. But Sweden took him back! The question: Why?

Two days ago, on there was published an article on the Stockholm terror attack that took place in Sweden and was tried to explain that Scandinavian countries basing on the reasons which are logical or may be advantageous only for them, grant asylum for people who escaped from Uzbekistan because of the crimes committed there and therefore wanted by Uzbek law-enforcement authorities.
As it was mentioned before, the world media, for the days after the attack, has tried to focus the attention on the citizenship of the suspected. The name of Rahmat Akilov and together with his name, terrorism was highly tried to connect with Uzbekistan, even with Central Asia.
A respected international media, Newsweek has published a material by Eleanor Ross “Why Extremist Groups Are Gaining Strength in Central Asia” where the author, surely never visited Central Asia writes that “A variety of extreme religious movements operate across Central Asia including the Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan (IMU), Hizb ut-Tahrir al-Islam (Party of Islamic Liberation, HuT) the Jamaat of Central Asian Mujahidin and the Uyghur Islamic Party of Eastern Turkestan separatist group…” If I were a foreigner after reading such spurious material would think ten times having something related with the region...
Today it has been learned by everyone, through not very active to spread this information world media that Akilov attempted to cross Turkey's border with Syria in 2015 to join ISIS but was detained by Turkey's military forces. However, because of given him refugee status he was deported back to Sweden. Here appears the question: Why Sweden took him back? Why there were no contacts with Uzbek police on returning him home? Why the information that Uzbek authorities had added Akilov to an international wanted list in late February after a criminal case on "religious extremism" was opened against him did not make the Swedish Security Service (Säpo) wake up? Or they were very awake and had some other plans on him?
Hundreds of people committed serious crimes, even terrorism in Uzbekistan got “political” asylum in many “democratic” countries. The reasons are easy to notice but difficult to understand. Many such so-called “victims of Uzbek regime” live today in Sweden, Canada, Norway, Netherlands, Czech Republic, USA, Germany, and even in Turkey etc.
Seems today it is time to fix the rules of the game: either these countries should return wanted Uzbek citizens home, or in case of such acts of violence not the nation of the guilty but the country that sheltered him should be blamed for its terrorist protection.
Dilmurod Jumaboyev

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