The Stockholm terror attack that took place in Sweden recently where four people were killed and at least fifteen were injured has become the focus of world media as it should be, but somehow from different point. If to read the materials, the key point of all is the nationality of the suspected: Rahmat Akilov, from Uzbekistan.
It is an undoubted truth that terror today has no nationality. Among ISIS terrorists there are people from almost all countries, but no one is declaring these states as terroristic. However, tries to name Uzbekistan as terroristic state, today can be assessed as very “successful”.
I remember 2012 when A United States court has sentenced Uzbek national Ulugbek Kodirov to 15 years in prison for threatening to assassinate President Barack Obama. The fact that he was a member of “Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan”, a terrorist group based in Afghanistan and was wanted by Uzbek police was not the matter of focus much. The question, “How such terrorist and other his kind got visa to USA and what’s interesting, were granted with refugee status?” was not raised.
In 2016 during his rally in Portland Donald Trump said that a Uzbek refugee living in Idaho was arrested and charged with "teaching terror recruits how to build bombs."  Again by world media the focus was drawn on word “Uzbek”, but not the “refugee”.
New Year night in Istanbul, terror attack to “Reina” night club, again kept everyone’s eyes on Uzbekistan. A terrorist, who left Uzbekistan many years ago and was trained in terrorist camps, was declared as the representative of Uzbekistan.
Now, Scandinavia, the region, the paradise of people who escaped from Uzbekistan because of the crimes committed there and therefore wanted by Uzbek law-enforcement authorities. Difficult-to-understand fact, but many such people become granted asylum in Sweden and Norway.  Some who never have been in the mosque become asylum because of “religious persecution”, others who commit terrorist acts are granted asylum as “victims of regime.” Requests of Uzbekistan to extradite them have been always flatly rejected by the Scandinavian governments.
And now, this Stockholm attack… to distract attention from this point, the internet space has already been with information that the suspected was working illegal in Sweden. Funny to learn that The Swedish Security Service (Säpo) in 2016 had received some information on the suspect, but were unable to confirm it when they followed up on it…
Today, when the world community is threatened by terrorism, all should avoid applying double standards. If one is terrorist, and this is confirmed others should accept that he is a terrorist. If not, in that case not-accepting this one should take responsibility for him. Granting asylum and use people who has been granted for political purposes was highly practiced during the cold war period by US and the West. However, today’s circumstances require more serious approach to this issue. Because sometimes lives of people may depend on this, of innocent people who die just because of political games of some…
Dilmurod Jumaboyev  

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