View from abroad: Impeachment of Park Geun-hye may have negative effect on Korea

There is no necessity to retell the chronology of the Impeachment scandal in which the President of Korea is involved. The only thing that should be emphasized is that this scandal will have very negative side effects to the Korean society which may lead in gloomy forecasts, to the loss of national identity.
Respect for others according to seniority is a pillar of Korean traditions. Seniority is based on age, position in the family, job position, being a teacher etc. This is what makes Korea stronger, unites the people. Of course, there are laws, there is Constitution which sometimes may even cause such impeachment cases to happen. However, deposing the President through impeachment which is the second such attempt in Korea and may be will be the first “successful”, may let the generation to believe that there is nothing sacred, they may not live their lives as their ancestors did, what was taught them from childhood related with goodness and badness is just the personal views of their parents…
South Korea after World War II was one the poorest countries in the world. In such a short period of time it has become one of the most developed countries in the world just because Korea, like few Asian also fast-developing countries, has something unique, something own. And this something is, or to be true, was Respect in the society.
It would be wrong to say that Park Geun-hye is perfectly innocent. Sometimes we are guilty of things that are related with us indirectly. We all may be blamed not only for the things that we did, but also for the ones that we did not prevent. Sometimes we can explain the reasons why we could not stop this, sometimes we are not given such chance. Park Geun-hye is also in such conditions now.
No one can say that there is no one or no power interested in impeachment of the President. So, this “interested-in-impeachment” should understand that removing the head of the Korea is not the same thing if this happens in a western country, this is making Korea weaker and feeble country just to fulfil own ambitions. It would be worse, if the hidden aim of the case is just this…
Dilmurod Jumaboyev

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