Tourist destinations: Mulla Bazar Ahund memorial complex in Namangan


The Mulla Bazar Ahund memorial complex is situated in Kurashkhana district of Namangan. The name of the complex is related with the name and the place of residence of Hodja Abdullah ibn Sultan Muhammad Babur Karahkhan Mulla Bazar Ahund, who was one of the greatest theologians of XVII century and the teacher of Boborakhim Mashrab. The thirst for knowledge led him to Bukhara, the centre of science and culture of Turkestan at the time. He spent many years in a madrasa where he was the student of Mirza Bakhadir Bukhari. With his blessing, he left Bukhara and travelled across the Middle and Near East, visited Hutand, Yarkent and other cities of Kashkar. Mulla Bazar Ahund was a great scientist possessed of Islamic jurisprudence, geography, mathematics, history, literature, theology etc.

The memorial was reconstructed in 1994. The Mulla Bazar Ahund memorial complex consists of three parts: the djame mosque, (where Friday’s prayers are held); the hanakah (a building where the students live and spend their time) with cellar; and the entrance portal. The memorial is made of brick and reinforced concrete panels.

Outside the memorial, in the north-east side of it there are two graves. One of them belongs to Niyaz Ahund ibn Djalaliddin Zamiy, the master of Mulla Bazar Ahund. The second is the grave of a shakhid that died in a war in this district. Their remains were found during the reconstruction process and were reburied.

In the courtyard of the Mulla Bazar Ahund memorial complex there is an octagonal pool 10 meters in diameter. Its water level is more than 10 meters. It was built according to the Islamic rules of using water.

Jahongir Jurayev,
English teacher / School # 28, Namangan District

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