US citizen, member of terrorist group arrested in Uzbekistan

a US citizen, Uzbekistan-born Zakir Aliev has been arrested after his arrival to the Uzbekistan June 16.
According to information shared by Uzbek Security Service, Zakir Aliev was a member of the Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan, designated as a terrorist group by almost all countries in the world, including Russia and USA.
Zakir Aliev was in Al Qaeda training camps in Afghanistan and from 2000 fought against Afghan and coalition forces.Since 2005 Aliyev was on National Security Service wanted list in for terrorism and extremism.
The biggest paradox is for long time Zakir Aliev has lived in Virginia, USA and in 2014 he received US citizenship. Here appears rhetorical question: US security services that have access to almost everything about everyone, did not know that Aliyev fought against their Army in Afghanistan?
One more paradox, during his arrest Aliev calmly confirmed that he was in the terrorist group. Is he so sure that passport with American eagle will help him?

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