AJA: The Trump administration should immediately stop racism and oppression of the press

Since the death of a black citizen by police assault on May 25, mass protests and the Trump administration's coercive suppression have continued day after day. This series of events has caused deep unrest not only in the United States but also in sound citizens who have pursued two values of freedom of speech and human equality. The Trump administration is particularly violent and inflammatory, rather than rational, reasonable and common-sense solutions to the situation. In particular, the detention of a black CNN reporter who was covering the scene was clearly a media oppression, even if he was released soon. The white reporter on the scene was not restricted from any coverage. This shows that racist behavior is still repeated since the first outbreak of the incident, and furthermore, compulsory measures against journalists are very worrisome. For the past 250 years, the United States has become the object of the respect and envy of mankind for its pursuit of universal values, including freedom, human rights and democracy. But a series of portrait-like and anti-humanitarian measures that have taken place under the Trump administration are finally causing serious divisions within the United States. In response, Asia Journalist Association (AJA) declares the following stance on President Trump and the U.S. government:
1. The U.S. government should immediately stops racist acts.
1. The U.S. government should seek a solution through dialogue instead of hostile and violent ways against protests.
1. President Trump should immediately stop using his opposition's stigmatizing behavior to rally his supporters for the November presidential election.
If the demand is not met, Asia Journalist Association will continue to make arguments based on freedom of journalists and democratic human rights in Asian countries.
Peter Jaegeul Song

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