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1.2016 – The year of Uzbekistan in boxing

UZBEKISTAN, a country of a little over 30 million people, topped the men’s ring medal table at Rio 2016, with seven medals overall, just edging out the legendary Cubans who finished with six medals. It is however, a different story for women boxers from Uzbekistan who have yet to win either a World Championship medal or an Olympic medal. Perhaps their time will come soon?

2.Tourist destinations: Mulla Bazar Ahund memorial complex in Namangan

The Mulla Bazar Ahund memorial complex is situated in Kurashkhana district of Namangan. 

3.Only strange people succeed!

When told the school has a tendency to produce slightly odd people, Yuan Yafei lights up. “Good! Only strange people can succeed… I’m very strange.”

4.From Wall Street to Wisconsin, brokers cheer Trump's order

With a swipe of his pen, U.S. President Donald Trump on Friday started killing off a retirement advice rule that wealth managers from Wall Street to Wisconsin have spent the last six years lobbying against.


Namangan literature, the important part of Uzbek literature has always been very well-known for its unique poetic representatives, such as Asiridin Akhsikatiy, Mashrab, Ibrat, Sufizoda, Usmon Nosir, which provided domination of poetry for many centuries.

6.Британиялик қўшиқчи Адель маҳорати Grammy эътиборидан четда қолмади!

Бу мукофотга ундан ташқари Бейонсе (Formation қўшиғи билан), канадалик поп-ижрочи Жастин Бибер (Love Yourself), америкалик Майк Познер (I Took a Pill in Ibiza) ва Даниянинг Lukas Graham гуруҳи (7 years) даъвогарлик қилаётганди.  


The detail for attention of the Jizzakh games is the fact that for the first time the “Barkamol avlod” competitions’ program will feature 17 sports. 

8.Koreans in Namangan

There are currently 137 cultural centres in Uzbekistan, among which the Association of the Korean Cultural Centres of Uzbekistan (with branches in all regions of the nation) has been playing a major role in the development of ethnic identity and furthering the harmonization of relations between differing nationalities in the country.

9.Mirziyoyev and changing Central Asia

10.Mirziyoyev and changing Central Asia

Today it is a fact that the newly elected president of Uzbekistan Shavkat Mirziyoyev has moved Central Asian neighbourhood into new era – “zero problems with each other.”

11.Tashkent hosts Days of Japanese cinema

Five acclaimed movies of the modern Japanese cinema “Bushido  Sixteen”, “Miyori's Forest”, “Chibi Maruko-chan”,xxxHolic: A Midsummer Night's Dream” and “The Garden of Words” to be screened in Tashkent during the annual Days of Japanese cinema started on March 24.

12.Kincses Tibor: Uzbekistan National Boxing Championship in focus

The 26th edition of the Uzbekistan National Championships for their men boxers was held in the city of Termez which is located in the southernmost part of the country near to the Afghan boarder.


Now, Scandinavia, the region, the paradise of people who escaped from Uzbekistan because of the crimes committed there and therefore wanted by Uzbek law-enforcement authorities. Difficult-to-understand fact, but many such people become granted asylum in Sweden and Norway.

14.What should bring new president to Korea?

The second challenge is North Korea… The only solution here can be found in a face-to-face discussion of the leaders of South and North Koreas. The new president should show bravery and visit Pyongyang... 


In Gurumsaray area of Pap, there is a mineral water spring. Water is pushed up to the surface from 2475 m below ground. The water does not cool down before it reaches the surface and comes out at a temperature of 30–40 °C.

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