Мақола топилди: 5 та

1.Mirziyoyev and changing Central Asia

2.Mirziyoyev and changing Central Asia

Today it is a fact that the newly elected president of Uzbekistan Shavkat Mirziyoyev has moved Central Asian neighbourhood into new era – “zero problems with each other.”

3.Uzbekistan Airways is offering up to a 40% discount for foreign tourists in all flights

The new discount program surely will make the Uzbek air company more attractive for passengers.

4.Checkmate for Empires: Central Asia becoming stronger and more united

Under the motto “bringing democracy and stability to Central Asia” the superpowers have tried to take control over the region.

5.Widen Your World: Turkish Airlines launches its direct flights to Samarkand

Turkish Airlines expands its flight geography and launches its direct flights to Samarkand, second largest city of Uzbekistan.

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