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The Middle Age orators were taught rhetoric in order to reach effectiveness of each word, phrase and tone, to be able to touch an audience with a particular idea, thought, concept, ideology, and opinion.

2.Ўзбекистон Президенти Шавкат Мирзиёев – Сеулнинг фахрий фуқароси

Ўзбекистон Республикаси Президенти Шавкат Мирзиёев Корея Республикасига давлат ташрифи доирасида Сеул шаҳри мэриясига ташриф буюрди.

3.Koreans in Namangan

There are currently 137 cultural centres in Uzbekistan, among which the Association of the Korean Cultural Centres of Uzbekistan (with branches in all regions of the nation) has been playing a major role in the development of ethnic identity and furthering the harmonization of relations between differing nationalities in the country.

4.Электрон ҳукумат бюрократия кушандаси

Электрон ҳукумат бу ҳукуматнинг тўлиқ шакли эмас, балки ахборот-коммуникация технологияларидан фойдаланиб, давлат ахборотлари ва хизматларини кўсатиш фаолиятидир. Бу тизим давлат тузилмаларини бошқаришни, давлат ва тадбиркорлар ўртасидаги алоқани мустаҳкамлаш орқали бизнес-жараёнларни самарали ривожлантиришни таъминлайди.

5.Mirziyoyev and changing Central Asia

6.Mirziyoyev and changing Central Asia

Today it is a fact that the newly elected president of Uzbekistan Shavkat Mirziyoyev has moved Central Asian neighbourhood into new era – “zero problems with each other.”

7.Stockholm attack suspected tried to join ISIS in 2015 and was arrested by Turkey's military forces. But Sweden took him back! The question: Why?

Seems today it is time to fix the rules of the game: either these countries should return wanted Uzbek citizens home, or in case of such acts of violence not the nation of the guilty but the country that sheltered him should be blamed for its terrorist protection.

8.Därför "exporteras terror från Uzbekistan" – Ett stort politiskt spel Sverige!

Swedish newspaper Expressen has recently published a material by Mats Larsson “Därför exporteras terror från Uzbekistan” (Therefore, the export of terror from Uzbekistan) partly trying to be relied on the opinion on Svante E. Cornell, the Director of so-called Central Asia-Caucasus Institute & Silk Road Studies Program Joint Center.

9.Will the coming news be about the decision of ISIS leaders on renaming the group to Islamic State of Uzbekistan?

It seems that the next news will be about the decision of ISIS leaders on renaming the group to Islamic State of Uzbekistan and this is almost a “secret de Polichinelle”. Because this will be the easiest way for saying that Uzbekistan is a terrorist state. The “world powers” will think on struggle against the “threats of Uzbek terrorism” and even they may want to take steps to “protect” the world from it…

10.Генри Киссинжер: "Биласизми, биз Америка ўлароқ нега кучлимиз? Биз кўплаб мамлакатлардаги ватан хоинларини қаҳрамонларга айлантирамиз!"

Туркияда ўтган йили давлат тўнтариши қилишга уринган FETÖ террорчи гуруҳи пешвоси Фетҳуллаҳ Гюлен ҳам айнан шундай АҚШ ҳимояси остидаги “қаҳрамонлардан” ҳисобланади.

11.US Deploys ISIS to Central Asia

Expert from Chicago says: "America created and supports ISIS, al-Qaeda and other well-known terrorist groups – using their fighters to advance its imperium"

12.World Taekwondo Federation President: We are interested in partnership with Uzbekistan

Choue Chung-won was awarded with the title of honorary citizen of Tashkent and honorary doctor of science of the National university of Uzbekistan.

13.Who and why wants to convince the world Uzbekistan is a terrorist country?

It is becoming clear that US want to convince the world Uzbekistan is a terrorist country

14.Checkmate for Empires: Central Asia becoming stronger and more united

Under the motto “bringing democracy and stability to Central Asia” the superpowers have tried to take control over the region.

15.Uzbekistan cancels visa for citizens of Turkiye, South Korea, Japan and 4 more countries…

from February 10, 2018 Uzbekistan starts to apply 30-day visa free system for citizens of Turkiye, South Korea...

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