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1.2016 – The year of Uzbekistan in boxing

UZBEKISTAN, a country of a little over 30 million people, topped the men’s ring medal table at Rio 2016, with seven medals overall, just edging out the legendary Cubans who finished with six medals. It is howEver, a different story for women boxers from Uzbekistan who have yet to win either a World Championship medal or an Olympic medal. Perhaps their time will come soon?

2.First sign of enhanced U.S.-Russia relations under Trump: An invite to Syria talks

Russia has invited the incoming Trump administration to Syrian peace talks it is sponsoring later this month with Turkey and Iran, part of a process from which the Obama administration pointedly has been excluded.


The Middle Age orators were taught rhetoric in order to reach effectiveness of each word, phrase and tone, to be able to touch an audience with a particular idea, thought, concept, ideology, and opinion.

4.Poems of Chulpon in English
Oh, Mind! Tell me why you so, With the shackles made friends? 

5.Сеулда Янги йилни нишонлашга тараддуд кўрилмоқда

Жанубий Корея пойтахтида Соллаль (Seollal) – шарқий тақвим бўйича Янги йил кенг миқёсда нишонланади.

6.From Wall Street to Wisconsin, brokers cheer Trump's order

With a swipe of his pen, U.S. President Donald Trump on Friday started killing off a retirement advice rule that wealth managers from Wall Street to Wisconsin have spent the last six years lobbying against.

7.27 ёшли америкалик сайёҳ 195 мамлакатни бир ярим йилда айланиб чиқди!

27 ёшли америкалик  Кассандра Де Пеколь дунёнинг барча мамлакатларига рекорд даражада қисқа муддат ичида саёҳат уюштирди. Бу орқали иккита жаҳон рекорди соҳибига айланди.


Namangan literature, the important part of Uzbek literature has always been very well-known for its unique poetic representatives, such as Asiridin Akhsikatiy, Mashrab, Ibrat, Sufizoda, Usmon Nosir, which provided domination of poetry for many centuries.

9.February 14 is the birthday of Babur!

Uzbekistan celebrates the birthday of the great poet and educator, a talented military leader and statesman Zakhiriddin Muhammad Babur


The detail for attention of the Jizzakh games is the fact that for the first time the “Barkamol avlod” competitions’ program will feature 17 sports. 

11.Ҳар дақиқада икки ҳинд ҳавонинг ифлосланиши сабаб вафот этмоқда

Ҳавонинг ифлосланиши оқибатида юзага келаётган касалликлар натижасида Ҳиндистонда ҳар йили миллиондан ортиқ фуқаро вафот этмоқда. Бу эса ҳар дақиқада икки кишининг қурбон бўлаётганидан дарак бериб турибди


Getting to know terms of translation is essential part of the communication of the job. Merely, finding an appropriate translation of the term and employing it in the proper circumstances are fundamental questions in using the terms among the languages.

13.Joint venture in Uzbekistan: A beneficial way of Korean investments

UzChasys, an Uzbek-Korean joint venture on the production of headlights and lights, opened in 2008 in Namangan region of Uzbekistan as one of the successful investments of Korean side in the Uzbek land.

14.View from abroad: Impeachment of Park Geun-hye may have negative effect on Korea

South Korea after World War II was one the poorest countries in the world. In such a short period of time it has become one of the most developed countries in the world just because Korea, like few Asian also fast-developing countries, has something unique, something own. And this something is, or to be true, was Respect in the society.

15.Turkish business is again in Uzbekistan

Today’s heads of two countries, Shavkat Mirziyoyev and Recep Tayyip Erdogan are trying to develop the relations between Uzbekistan and Turkiye to the maximum level of cooperation. Again, the states of brotherhood are building very close connections in all spheres of life, welcoming back each other.

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