Därför "exporteras terror från Uzbekistan" – Ett stort politiskt spel Sverige!

Swedish newspaper Expressen has recently published a material by Mats Larsson “Därför exporteras terror från Uzbekistan” (Therefore, the export of terror from Uzbekistan) partly trying to be relied on the opinion on Svante E. Cornell, the Director of so-called Central Asia-Caucasus Institute & Silk Road Studies Program Joint Center.
…Once a soviet researcher on sociology was defending a thesis on interfamily related issues, relations between husband and wife. After his long speech and explanations the Attestation Committee members almost accepted his research. As the last, one of Committee members asked a very simple question: “Are you married?” The researcher said that due to his long scientific research he had no time to think about family and he was going to get married then. The reply was very interesting: “You are not married but you trying to explain us here interfamily relations without any practical experience of having such relations?”… The thesis was not accepted…
So let’s get back to our sheep, sorry to Mats Larsson. One that has surely never visited Uzbekistan and even did not know anything before starting to write the article is giving opinion on the country based on the information that probably he has read on Internet or may be told by some Uzbek “victims of regime” like Akilov that were granted asylum in Sweden adding in some points the points of Cornell as proof of his “real statemenents.”
Larson starts with Presidents of Uzbekistan: Karimov and Mirziyoyev. The results of referendum and elections in Uzbekistan he tries to bring as something non-democratic. The Cornell’s point that he was not surprised on the results of recent elections he offers to readers as negative attitude towards those however Cornell partly acquainted with the situation in Central Asia wants to say that the reality of Uzbekistan that is the full real support of the people Mirziyoyev was for him not something unexpected.
Thinking from point of stranger from Venus he wants to connect Karimov’s past to the religious and terroristic issue in the world of today. Such amateurish approach can be seen in his tries to get something common between Sweden attack and Gulnara Karimova, daughter of the former Uzbek President.
There is nothing in the article about attempts of Uzbekistan on extradition of his citizens for the crimes sometimes very serious committed in Uzbekistan and for the undeclared reasons have been granted asylum in Sweden. Today it is a fact that there are about 5000 people from Uzbekistan got asylum in Sweden, but official Stockholm’s figures differs from this dozens times less. The biggest part of such people got shelter in Sweden just because Sweden government wants to use them as the part of propaganda against Uzbekistan. If to consider the fact of total impotence of Sweden in international political scene it becomes clear that there is someone behind the scene that regulates this situation. Furthermore, there is no refer to the words of minister of foreign affairs of Uzbekistan Abdulaziz Kamilov that in February this year Uzbekistan's authorities had put Akilov the terrorist attack suspected on a international wanted list for people suspected of religious extremism and information on Akilov's criminal actions had been passed by security services to one of our Western countries so that the Swedish side must be informed. And interestingly, Swedish Security Service (Säpo) spokesman Karl Melin told that his Service can not comment this.
His not-worth-a-penny suggestions Larsson continues with political situation in Uzbekistan which he describes as that the real opposition in Uzbekistan is in prison. If to ask him about which opposition he is trying to inform here the readers no doubt that he can not name anyone. But this normal, because he is a poor man that just put the points that was “requested.”
Larsson gives some details of Andijan disturbances in 2005 that in fact was incited by a terrorist group called Akromiya, a criminal organization, which threatened the constitutional order of Uzbekistan. The words of Karimov on the importance of peace for Uzbekistan that he would kill 200 terrorists to keep peace and stability in the country is unsuccessfully linked to Andijan disturbances and is given as Karimov’s vision to the religion...
There is a logical suggestion to Larsson: would be better if to regive another title to the article: “Sverige importerar terror, varför?” (Sweden imports terror, why?) which would be more logical in the situation and ordinary people would start to ask the Swedish government this. Otherwise the political game in which Sweden is involved would continue to disturb lives of the people, the innocent people…
Dilmurod Jumaboyev

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