What should bring new president to Korea?

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Relations between Korea and Uzbekistan today can be set as a model example of mutually beneficial cooperation. From the first days of independence, since 1991 Uzbekistan feels big support of Korea. Some other countries tried to have political influence in our lands, the others wanted to gain own benefits from the difficulties that Uzbekistan experienced in the first years of Independence, the thirds wanted to involve the country to the international conflicts so that always be present here and dictate their rules… But Korea, together with few other countries from the first day of relations has showed respect to mutual interests and friendship… And of course, for these reasons, the 19th Korean presidential election scheduled to be held on May 9, 2017 assumes importance for Uzbekistan interested in keeping and development of existing relations.
Today Korea is facing two big challenges. First, in the post-Park Geun-hye impeachment era the country needs a president who can unite people around one purpose that is to make Korea world power. Seems that a big jump of Korean economy in the second half of the last century has not been welcomed by some hegemons in the world as world power-Korea may want to apply its own rules of game in Asia generally and in the region it is situated particularly that might not match the interests of those hegemons. Having very unique traditions and values Korean people could be divided only by political issue which was “successfully” organized and has led Korean society to lose commonality of goals… Therefore, the new president should work on this, not earning political points. Korea after World War II was one the poorest states in the world. In such a short period of time it has become one of the most developed countries in the world just because Korea, like few Asian also fast-developing countries, has something unique, something own. And this something is, or to be true, was Respect in the society, which has been partly lost after impeachment. This is also point to consider for the new president…
The second challenge is North Korea… Today when Korea of South is living in panic of the North Korean nuclear threat it would be good for the new president try not to adapt to the political equations of others but to lead own policy of solving the problem. The only solution here can be found in a face-to-face discussion of the leaders of South and North Koreas. The new president should show bravery and visit Pyongyang. Kim Jong-un surely will not reject such visit at least and may be, even will want to start negotiations. The issue of reunification is the issue of North and South Koreas, or to be correct two brothers, may be, one with complex character. Anyway, this is matter of intra-familiar relations, not requiring involvement of strangers… Surely, North Korea will never attain its goals through threats and intimidation but at the same time the solution of the problem does not lie in relocation of American vessels to the area…
As it seems from abroad and the analyse point of the political situation in Korea today shows, the main presidential candidate is democrat Moon Jae-in. The elections will show whom the people support, but there is a confidence that he will be the man that can respond to the challenges that Korea faces.
There is such saying: “Dog barks, caravan moves on”. The new president should follow this rule during his presidency. The interests of the people, the country should be put first together with peace and stability in the region.
Dilmurod Jumaboev

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