Terrorism today has become very big threat to all humanity. The word ISIS is used today as the biggest safety hazard. However, the more actual hazard arising from North Korean nuclear weapons program is having less attention of world community.
The visible to the naked eye fact is that North Korean ruling regime wants to keep its power. North Korean leader probably thinks or to be true, is sure, that he has no another way of keeping his system because the only isolated country in the world can not stay such anymore without developing nuclear program. But Kim Jong-un is not considering that his attempts to long his reign is keeping the world in fear. Because any kind of negotiations can be conducted with the logical thinking man, but not with the one, like Kim Jong-un who has enormous ego and does not give a damn about anyone except himself.
The world sees clearly the efforts of South Korea on solving the tension between the Koreas peacefully. Moreover, reunification of two countries of one nation is one of key policies of official Seoul. However, South Korea, the country where people have already removed violence in true meaning, should live today with threat of his neighbor, just because just a dozen of human-like creatures in the North do not want to end the tale that they imagined themselves and trying to make people believe in this.
Surely, reunification process of North and South Koreas would be the solution of the problem and Seoul has done a lot on this as mentioned above. Pyongyang does not paying much attention to the ways offered. But the situation today is leading to the situation where world powers will get involved in solution, and possibly by using forces. Somehow, this may solve the problem, but with suffer which will be paid by ordinary people of both Koreas as the price paid for the end of North Korea regime. And no one can guarantee that not-having other choices Kim Jong-un before his death will not press the button of nuclear missiles.
Seems that the only way of solution of the problem and making Pyongyang understand that they should agree to reunification and the only thing that they may ask is giving to high authority men life-guarantee is full international isolation of North Korea without any exceptions. No country should support Kim Jong-un’s regime and use relations with it as means of bargain in political games. From the other side, the reunification should not lead to the shifting of NATO forces inside the North Korea, this must be one of the key matters of agreement on the solution of the problem by world powers.
The biggest reason of not enough support from Russia and China in the solution lies in this. But, if the problem continues to exist more, these countries also will be affected by it. Therefore, today the round table should include not the different political poles of the world, but the neighboring countries, including and Japan.
Today it is time of acceptance that the spark that might ignite in Korean peninsula may set big fire to the world.
 Dilmurod Jumaboev

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