Мақола топилди: 4 та

1.Tourist destinations: Mulla Bazar Ahund memorial complex in Namangan

The Mulla Bazar Ahund memorial complex is situated in Kurashkhana district of Namangan. 

2.Turkish business is again in Uzbekistan

Today’s heads of two countries, Shavkat Mirziyoyev and Recep Tayyip Erdogan are trying to develop the relations between Uzbekistan and Turkiye to the maximum level of cooperation. Again, the states of brotherhood are building very close connections in all spheres of life, welcoming back each other.

3.What should bring new president to Korea?

The second challenge is North Korea… The only solution here can be found in a face-to-face discussion of the leaders of South and North Koreas. The new president should show bravery and visit Pyongyang... 

4.Mirziyoyev, Lukoil CEO Alekperov and Russian minister Novak open $3 Billion Mega-complex in Buhara

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