Мақола топилди: 6 та

1.Därför "exporteras terror från Uzbekistan" – Ett stort politiskt spel Sverige!

Swedish newspaper Expressen has recently published a material by Mats Larsson “Därför exporteras terror från Uzbekistan” (Therefore, the export of terror from Uzbekistan) partly trying to be relied on the opinion on Svante E. Cornell, the Director of so-called Central Asia-Caucasus Institute & Silk Road Studies Program Joint Center.

2.Will the coming news be about the decision of ISIS leaders on renaming the group to Islamic State of Uzbekistan?

It seems that the next news will be about the decision of ISIS leaders on renaming the group to Islamic State of Uzbekistan and this is almost a “secret de Polichinelle”. Because this will be the easiest way for saying that Uzbekistan is a terrorist state. The “world powers” will think on struggle against the “threats of Uzbek terrorism” and even they may want to take steps to “protect” the world from it…

3.Checkmate for Empires: Central Asia becoming stronger and more united

Under the motto “bringing democracy and stability to Central Asia” the superpowers have tried to take control over the region.

4.Ever Motors CEO Kim Chang-keon visited Namangan: Given the start of Hyundai truck and bus production project!

Korean Evergreen Motors to start production of Hyundai trucks and busses in Namangan region of Uzbekistan

5.Hyundai Breaks Ground For First vehicle plant in Uzbekistan!

In the second part of the day, the groundbreaking ceremony of Hyundai plant of trucks and buses took place in Turakurgan district.

6.Lee Sang-ki: President Mirziyoyev is a peace-driver of Central Asia

AJA highly appreciated president Mirziyoyev’s efforts and singled out him as the Man of The Year 2018.

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