Мақола топилди: 21 та

1.Хитой интернетдаги беҳаёликка тўсиқ қўймоқда

Интернет хавфсизлиги бўйича кўнгиллилар жамияти Хитойда имконияти чекланган кишиларни суратларни ахлоққа мослик рейтингида баҳолашга ўргатмоқда. Бу ҳақда South China Morning Post нашри хабар бермоқда.

2.Хитойда 10 сония ичида 19 бино портлатилди

Хитойнинг Ухань шаҳрида портлатиш натижасида 19 та кўп қаватли иншоот 10 сония ичида ер билан битта бўлди. Бунинг учун 5 тонна портлатгич ишлатилган.

3.Joint venture in Uzbekistan: A beneficial way of Korean investments

UzChasys, an Uzbek-Korean joint venture on the production of headlights and lights, opened in 2008 in Namangan region of Uzbekistan as one of the successful investments of Korean side in the Uzbek land.

4.Koreans in Namangan

There are currently 137 cultural centres in Uzbekistan, among which the Association of the Korean Cultural Centres of Uzbekistan (with branches in all regions of the nation) has been playing a major role in the development of ethnic identity and furthering the harmonization of relations between differing nationalities in the country.

5.View from abroad: Impeachment of Park Geun-hye may have negative effect on Korea

South Korea after World War II was one the poorest countries in the world. In such a short period of time it has become one of the most developed countries in the world just because Korea, like few Asian also fast-developing countries, has something unique, something own. And this something is, or to be true, was Respect in the society.

6.Kincses Tibor: Uzbekistan National Boxing Championship in focus

The 26th edition of the Uzbekistan National Championships for their men boxers was held in the city of Termez which is located in the Southernmost part of the country near to the Afghan boarder.

7.Dynamic AJA for "Dynamic Asia" at 2017 AJA General Conference

At the General Assembly, there were some AJA organizational changes. Three journalists were newly named as executive directors: Ms. Rosalin Garganera from Philippines, Ms. Edita Dadasyan from Georgia, and Dilmurod Djumabaev from Uzbekistan.


Terrorism today has become very big threat to all humanity. The word ISIS is used today as the biggest safety hazard. However, the more actual hazard arising from North Korean nuclear weapons program is having less attention of world community.

9.What should bring new president to Korea?

The second challenge is North Korea… The only solution here can be found in a face-to-face discussion of the leaders of South and North Koreas. The new president should show bravery and visit Pyongyang... 

10.Namangan hosts 57th International Flower Show

An exclusive festival of flowers – “Namangan Flower Show” will be held for five days, from May 27 to June 1 in Babur Park of Namangan city, known as “the city of flowers” in Uzbekistan.

11.The simplest way to solve the Afghan problem

Again, Afghanistan is a center of terrorism; and again, Afghan drugs are being produced in large quantities. Today, when ISIS is on the rise in Afghanistan, yet again, the world’s focus is on this country.

12.АҚШ ва Буюк Британия Сурия жангариларига кимёвий қуроллар етказиб беришгани аниқланди!

АҚШ ва Буюк Британия, ҳамда уларнинг минтақадаги иттифоқдошлари Химиявий қуролларни таъқиқлаш тўғрисидаги Конвенция талабларини бузиб, Сурия ҳудудидаги террористик ташкилотларни қўллаб келишяпти.

13.Uzbekistan cancels visa for citizens of Turkiye, South Korea, Japan and 4 more countries…

from February 10, 2018 Uzbekistan starts to apply 30-day visa free system for citizens of Turkiye, South Korea...

14.Widen Your World: Turkish Airlines launches its direct flights to Samarkand

Turkish Airlines expands its flight geography and launches its direct flights to Samarkand, second largest city of Uzbekistan.

15.Kang Kyung-wha to visit Uzbekistan next week

She is to meet with the Uzbek foreign minister Abdulaziz Kamilov on Wednesday.

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