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1.Joint venture in Uzbekistan: A beneficial way of Korean investments

UzChasys, an Uzbek-Korean joint venture on the production of headlights and lights, opened in 2008 in Namangan region of Uzbekistan as one of the successful investments of Korean side in the Uzbek land.

2.Tashkent hosts Days of Japanese cinema

Five acclaimed movies of the modern Japanese cinema “Bushido  Sixteen”, “Miyori's Forest”, “Chibi Maruko-chan”,xxxHolic: A Midsummer Night's Dream” and “The Garden of Words” to be screened in Tashkent during the annual Days of Japanese cinema started on March 24.

3.Global Nepal Fest-2017 in US cities

Global Nepal Fest-2017 is taking place in two major east coast cities of the United States with a view to promoting Nepal to the global community through art, music, culture, food, tourism and handicrafts.


Terrorism today has become very big threat to all humanity. The word ISIS is used today as the biggest safety hazard. However, the more actual hazard arising from North Korean nuclear weapons program is having less attention of world community.

5.The simplest way to solve the Afghan problem

Again, Afghanistan is a center of terrorism; and again, Afghan drugs are being produced in large quantities. Today, when ISIS is on the rise in Afghanistan, yet again, the world’s focus is on this country.

6.Uzbekistan cancels visa for citizens of Turkiye, South Korea, Japan and 4 more countries…

from February 10, 2018 Uzbekistan starts to apply 30-day visa free system for citizens of Turkiye, South Korea...

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