Мақола топилди: 17 та

1.Only strange people succeed!

When told the school has a tendency to produce slightly odd people, Yuan Yafei lights up. “Good! Only strange people can succeed… I’m very strange.”

2.First sign of enhanced U.S.-Russia relations under Trump: An invite to Syria talks

Russia has invited the incoming Trump administration to Syrian peace talks it is sponsoring later this month with Turkey and Iran, part of a process from which the Obama administration pointedly has been excluded.

3.From Wall Street to Wisconsin, brokers cheer Trump's order

With a swipe of his pen, U.S. President Donald Trump on Friday started killing off a retirement advice rule that wealth managers from Wall Street to Wisconsin have spent the last six years lobbying against.


Namangan literature, the important part of Uzbek literature has always been very well-known for its unique poetic representatives, such as Asiridin Akhsikatiy, Mashrab, Ibrat, Sufizoda, Usmon Nosir, which provided domination of poetry for many centuries.


Getting to know terms of translation is essential part of the communication of the job. Merely, finding an appropriate translation of the term and employing it in the proper circumstances are fundamental questions in using the terms among the languages.

6.Uzbek students will be involved in R&D project of Jeonbuk Technopark
Jeonbuk Technopark located in Jeonju of the Republic of Korea concluded co-operation agreement of attracting IUT students to the realization of the project implemented by the consortium led by Jeonbuk Technopark on creation of R&D Center on modeling agriculture equipment.

7.Dynamic AJA for "Dynamic Asia" at 2017 AJA General Conference

At the General Assembly, there were some AJA organizational Changes. Three journalists were newly named as executive directors: Ms. Rosalin Garganera from Philippines, Ms. Edita Dadasyan from Georgia, and Dilmurod Djumabaev from Uzbekistan.

8.Will the coming news be about the decision of ISIS leaders on renaming the group to Islamic State of Uzbekistan?

It seems that the next news will be about the decision of ISIS leaders on renaming the group to Islamic State of Uzbekistan and this is almost a “secret de Polichinelle”. Because this will be the easiest way for saying that Uzbekistan is a terrorist state. The “world powers” will think on struggle against the “threats of Uzbek terrorism” and even they may want to take steps to “protect” the world from it…

9.Буюк Ипак Йўли давлатлари соатига 400 км тезликда ҳаракатланадиган поезддан фойдаланишади

Ўзбекистон президенти ушбу сафари давомида "Бир камар — бир йўл" анжуманида иштирок этишни режалаштирган. ХХР раҳбарияти томонидан олға сурилган ушбу тамойил, айниқса, Буюк Ипак йўли иқтисодий камарини яратиш ғояси Ўзбекистон томонидан тўлиқ қўллаб-қувватланган.

10.The simplest way to solve the Afghan problem

Again, Afghanistan is a center of terrorism; and again, Afghan drugs are being produced in large quantities. Today, when ISIS is on the rise in Afghanistan, yet again, the world’s focus is on this country.

11.US Deploys ISIS to Central Asia

Expert from Chicago says: "America created and supports ISIS, al-Qaeda and other well-known terrorist groups – using their fighters to advance its imperium"

12.Uzbek President Mirziyoyev to visit Turkey
It is the first Presidential visit from Uzbekistan to Turkey after nearly 20 years and is of historic importance.

13.Kang Kyung-wha to visit Uzbekistan next week

She is to meet with the Uzbek foreign minister Abdulaziz Kamilov on Wednesday.

14.Ever Motors CEO Kim Chang-keon visited Namangan: Given the start of Hyundai truck and bus production project!

Korean Evergreen Motors to start production of Hyundai trucks and busses in Namangan region of Uzbekistan

15.Shavkat Mirziyoyev to visit France

Macron to Mirziyoyev: I will be happy to host you in Paris for the first working meeting

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