Мақола топилди: 11 та

1.Осмондан тушган бир миллиардни рад этган аёл

Ҳиндистоннинг Мератх шаҳрида яшовчи Шитал Ядав хатолик туфайли ўз ҳисоб рақамида пайдо бўлиб қолган бир миллиард рупияни (15 миллион доллар атрофида) нима қилиш борасида ёрдам кутмоқда. 

2.Mongolia asked from Russia $1.6 Billion without explaining why

Mongolian authorities have requested $1.6 Billion (100 Billion rubles) as a concessional loan from Russia, but haven’t provided an explanation as to why they need it

3.India's trade deficit narrows to $10.37 Billion in December

India's trade deficit narrowed to $10.37 Billion in December from provisional $13 Billion a month ago, government data showed on Friday.

4.From Wall Street to Wisconsin, brokers cheer Trump's order

With a swipe of his pen, U.S. President Donald Trump on Friday started killing off a retirement advice rule that wealth managers from Wall Street to Wisconsin have spent the last six years lobbying against.

5.Joint venture in Uzbekistan: A beneficial way of Korean investments

UzChasys, an Uzbek-Korean joint venture on the production of headlights and lights, opened in 2008 in Namangan region of Uzbekistan as one of the successful investments of Korean side in the Uzbek land.

6.Turkish business is again in Uzbekistan

Today’s heads of two countries, Shavkat Mirziyoyev and Recep Tayyip Erdogan are trying to develop the relations between Uzbekistan and Turkiye to the maximum level of cooperation. Again, the states of brotherhood are building very close connections in all spheres of life, welcoming back each other.

7.Алишер Усмонов инвестиция киритганини тасдиқлади
Алишер Усмонов Bloomberg нашрига интервью бериб, ўзининг сўнгги қарори ҳақида маълумот берди. Унинг инвестицион сиёсати ҳақидаги миш-мишсимон хабарларга чек қўйди.

8.Uzbekistan and Turkiye: developing business to strengthen brotherhood ties

The contracts and agreements worth more than USD 2 Billions, 30 projects in pharmaceutics, textile industry, electro-technical, construction and banking sectors – this is just the material result of the 4th meeting of Turkish-Uzbek Joint Economic Commission held in Tashkent.

9.Checkmate for Empires: Central Asia becoming stronger and more united

Under the motto “bringing democracy and stability to Central Asia” the superpowers have tried to take control over the region.

10.Mirziyoyev, Lukoil CEO Alekperov and Russian minister Novak open $3 Billion Mega-Complex in Buhara

11.Now is the right time to invest in Uzbek tourism

There is a big difference in terms of costs when constructing a hotel in Uzbekistan and in Europe.

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